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Saturday, June 03, 2006

Honored Elders Day

I realized today that I was attending my 7th Honored Elders Day at the State Indian Museum. The turnout was humongous today and for the first time ever in my experience, the Earth Mother kinda forgot to send in the cool breezes! There was some air moving but overall it was hot and muggy, the temperature in the 90s! And I started the day in misery, with my hip actually hurting - it NEVER hurts! And I felt like crap - really sluggish. So I started off the day helping set up the outdoor grass area - helped set up a tent, put out table clothes and that sort of stuff. I still felt like crap so I decided hell, I'm taking it easy today. Decided to help out in with the Bake Sale, held to benefit kids on Rancherias (Reservations).

So, around 10 o'clock I was still so knackered I was thinking they could just get along without me all together - embarrassing, as I was sitting with an 80 year old volunteer with more spunk than I have. But then something happened - some of the little boys that were helping out offered us cold ice tea. First I declined - then I thought, 'right... let's just sit here and melt!' So I took a glass. As that cold liquid and more importantly, as that CAFFEINE flowed through my system I felt the life coming back into me. HOLY CRAP! I am addicted to caffeine! I can't live without it! Honestly, didn't I figure that out when the stuff had me hot wired last weekend? Sheesh. Anyway, I felt great the remainder of the day.

Note to self: DRINK CAFFEINE.

Amazing how the worst weather managed to bring about the best Honored Elders Day ever. The day is for celebrating the elder of the local Indian tribes; Miwok, Maidu, Patawin, Nisenan and others so they can enjoy some comradry, a nice lunch and some dances. The dance groups today were terrific. Miwok, Maidu, Pomo, Aztec and children from Shingle Springs who dance non-traditional Hula - yes, you read that right - the Hawaiian Hula! Their tribe learned the Hula from Hawaiians that long ago came to California with Captain Sutter.

The lunch served up today is the standby favourite - Indian tacos, which is Indian fry break served up like a tostada with beans, ground beef, cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato and salsa. There was watermelon and fresh strawberries too and a huge sugar-free cake for dessert.

It was one long day today but it was fun.