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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Progress, more or less

Took today off from work; the Salvation Army is coming by to take the dresser out of my future bedroom and the twin day bed with trundle in the guest room - the day bed I've slept on for the past... year? Year and a half? I'm glad the bed is going. Maybe sleeping on my creepy little couch will spur me on to completing painting and turning my future bedroom into my bedroom.

Two years ago - possibly three or four, who keeps count? - my future bedroom was a guest room & it was usually neat & tidy. Then the futon fugged up and voila! The back guestroom became the junk room from hell. More and more stuff piled up, then after a while the stuff began to breed and multipy on its own. Now I can only get into the room armed with a whip, a chair and thoughts of calm submission; thank you Caesar Milan.

With a little bit of luck I will either order a queensized bed or go pick one up at Ikea.