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Monday, February 13, 2006


Ok, so this morning I woke all excited, another day of transferring home movies... Program started up but would refuse to recognise the capture hardware! ARRRGGGHHH! I was sooo angry I wanted to spit nails at the program's makers. Took THREE HOURS, yes, count them 3 precious hours of my day off, on and off line with technical help. Finally I thought screw it. I'm returning the program. SNARL. Then I got a techie woman on line and inside of ten minutes, the program was humming along, kitten sweet.

Some days I HATE computers.

UPDATE: Went to bed that night - all was right with the computing world. Next morning, got up, turned on the program... guess what? Right. Program dead on the water - AGAIN. Had a Donald Duck style hissy-fit. Returned the $#%@ Studio 150 and got a slightly cheapter version, Dazzle 10.

The new one, cheaper than the first - works.

I think the Studio I bought was just a glitch.

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