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Sunday, February 12, 2006

Amazing Facts

Amazing facts about myself:

1. I can't throw stuff away, I am HOPELESS!

GAK! I keep moving stuff to the front room with intent to toss, but somehow the stuff is just piling up... and up... and up...

2. I can spend amazing amounts of time working on stuff that isn't worth the time.

And what all the above boils down to is that I am taking VHS tapes from the 1980s and putting them onto my computer and then into DVD disk. Why? If I didn't watch the VHS tapes since the day I shot them, why do I imagine they need to be on DVD? Well, so I can toss out the clumsy old VHS tapes. So... will I be able to ditch the old VHS tapes? Uh... I'm not sure. You would think I have tapes of Moses parting the Red Sea or something for my unwillingness to toss old VHS tapes.

The quality of some tapes is appalling, the quality of others is exceptional, depending on if I am copying originals (great shape) or previously copies stuff (crap). Right now as I'm making this post I am copying tape of myself and a county guy out trapping gophers. Oh well. There are some footage of me driving a tractor - now there's something worth a spot in the archives.

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