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Friday, December 23, 2005

HOLY CRAP! It's a quarter to 8, I have to be in Napa at Barb & Phil's parents tomorrow morning around 11 o'clock and I have NOTHING to wear! I bought a nice dress in Kona but it would be a little more suitable if it were made of Yeti undercoat instead of lightweight cotton. WHAT was I thinking???

I don't even have shoes that match anything. I'm going to have that HOMELESS look, I just know it. Rats, rats, rats.

And I haven't wrapped presents OR decided who is getting what yet. Why do I DO these things to myself? I swear, for a great holiday, Christmas sure can be a kick in the arse for the planning-challenged.

Come on Claire, you're so freakn' clever, pull a dress and matching shoes out of your arse forgawdsake.

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