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Friday, December 23, 2005

Claire's Opening Volley

'Old, Alone and Done for' is my blog title; it is not original. I nicked OADF from the recent Peter Pan flick. The Neverland kids taunted Captain Hook, telling him he was 'old, alone, and done for'. I sat smiling in the movie theater when it occured to me, 'Hang on... I'm old, alone and done for!' It made me laugh and appealed to my semi-sick sense of humour. So 'Old, Alone and Done For' I am. I LOVE pelagic jaunts and that Hook had it goin' on and in a pinch the old salt can do for a role model. I mean, the old rascal was the middle of nowhere on a ship with loads of randy sea faring pirates. I could do worse.

I have several other blogs in which like some kind of decrepit super hero I hide my true identity. Anyway, I won't hide behind this blog. Here I won't pretend that I'm 'Sarah, proud and tall', but will go ahead and be 'Claire annoyed and short' and will admit my life is a freakn' sit com, I'm fat, single and when I drink whole milk, I fart . Yep, no hiding here. Now excuse me while I scarper off and rip up some more photos of myself.

Captain Hook - also Old, Alone and Done For

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