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Sunday, November 19, 2017

We're Off to See the Wizard

Holy %$& Toto... we're in Kansas!
Today was spent traversing the flat land known as Kansas. This was my first foray into the the sunflower state, and I believe it was a first for William as well. For meself, that's 45 states enjoyed, five to go.

I drove the first bits of the day, while William entertained himself photographing scenery, and birds out the car windows. Yeah he shoots birds now... I'm a good influence on him like that (Tee Hee).

Kansas is... flat.
Midafternoon a highway sign pointed out the exit leading to the Wizard of Oz Museum was nigh. HOT DAMN! We were off the highway and off to the Kansas uber-boondocks.
The quiet streets of Wamego, Kansas
"Oh Joy!", she shouted in her best Scarecrow voice.

Inside you try to get past the awesome gift shop
 The Museum was chock full of the 1939 Wizard of Oz movie memorabilia.

The first thing you see on entering the actual musuem is this OZ reflected like a bat signal, only it's on the floor. Sooo cool.

Each characters has its own little shrine of sorts.

My favorite of the quartet
If he only had a brain
You best believe SHE was there too.
"I'll Get You My Pretty..."
Life sized rascals, including a Flying Monkey (which, as a kid, terrified me)

Lots & lots of Oz 'Stuff' was on display. Some quite beautiful

The guys get their wishes granted

Loved a massive quilt from which I couldn't bring myself to only show one of its squares
Witch & Flying Minky

This Tin Woodsman doll in guard garb is magnificent
The museum gives visitors the chance to meet life sized characters from Oz.
In fact, Dorothy & Toto greet you at the get-go
William with the Tin Woodsman
And here's me engaging with my favorite character.
Other permutations of OZ were also displayed.

I LOVED Return to Oz, which bombed at the box office. I saw it with my mother. At the movie's end, I turned to my mother eagerly asking her, "Wasn't that great?"

She stared at me in amazement, asking in a slightly tremulous & startled voice, "You... you liked that?"

Ah! Those wonderful OZ memories, HAHAHAHAA!

The WIZ is there...
And even the latest, OZ The Great and Powerful
Loved the Wizard of Oz Museum and after ransacking the cool gift shop...

We departed the museum, drove back down the road a bit and hit the OZ Winery. We bought a few things at the winery, including some lovely chocolates. And yes, the wine is great, especially considering it is not the Napa Valley, but the main reason one should visit is to read the brilliant names of the various wines.

Come for the wine, stay for the labels!

Ok, Ok, I've totally gotten carried away here with a visit that was likely shorter than the time it takes to read this post. I know. I would post ALL my Wamego pictures - aw heck, what's one more.

Aww... he has 'heart' to spare

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