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Monday, September 26, 2016

Montenegro and the Ferry of Kotor

Montenegro Majesty!
Montenegro Apartments that reminded me of New York City
"As long as we're here" is a question that resulted in an afternoon visit to the country of Montenegro.
Mall on the left with apartments in the distance
A view towards the north of Kotor Bay
We had a bit of adventure because we decided we needed some local money. So with a local villager's direction, Jo drove us in the inner corridors of a little village in search of a bank. When we found the bank the parking was impossibly sparse and tight. A passel of local children joyfully shouted directions to guide Jo out of the tight spot (WHEW! That was a tight spot).

The bank was an adventure in and of itself, with a long line but it ended with honest-to-god Euros, which have thus far been unseen, considering we were solidly in European Union countries.

After loading up our purses with Euros we enjoying a nice scenic drive. Soon we were at the Kotor Bay ferry port around noon. For the sake of fun & adventure we bought tickets and soon were all on board. We didnt take the car with us, as we were told the town was small enough to get around on foot.
The Kotor ferry dock
The ferry ride was pleasant and short, perhaps 20 minutes tops. It ended in at a little village on the far side. I was hoping to see some sea birds but alas, of birdies, there were none. *lip trembles*
One of the Kotor Ferry Boats with cars aboard
Jo on Board
Approaching the far shore
Reaching the other side of the bay, we walked along the waterfront, heading towards what we 'guessed' might be the center of the town. Two things stuck in my mind. First was the bay's fishies!
Lots and lots of fishies

And a cat.

In my defense she was a pretty puss.

We walked on and on, passing lots of buildings made of pale gray stone.
The streets of Lepetane, Montenegro
Finally, Jo asked someone where the restaurants were located, receiving the reply, "Restaurants?"

Ooo... not a one on this side of the Bay, in Lepetane anyway. Realizing it was either knock on a door and beg for food or head back to the other side of the bay, we strolled back to the ferry.

Back on the western shore, we drove back along the coastal road, stopping for lunch at the Zotto Capellino Restaurant.

The Zotto Capellino

The upper floor was as empty of patrons as the bottom floor was crowded. We settled in, ordering our meals from the waiter. The second story had its own kitchen.

Far more memorable than our meal, I was side tracked by a wayward European Robin that flew in one of the windows, then skipped about, making itself at home. I helped a waiter shoo it out of a wide open window.
Can you see the birdie, on the back of the foremost chair?
The remainder of the afternoon was spent winding out way back to the Villa Odak which frankly, is feeling a little too homey for me. I want to live there and that isn't going to happen. Rats.

Here's a 'just do it and say ya' did' video of the crossings.

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