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Sunday, September 18, 2016

A Little More Vienna

A view of Wien (Vienna) from atop the double decker tour bus.
When I left the Natural History Museum, the double decker tour bus took me back to central Vienna.
Then back in central Vienna, I slowly meandered the streets. I discovered one of the buildings I had passed earlier in the day was now a bit more interesting for its large outdoor screen was now airing - something-or-the-other. It seems I had ignored something Vienna is rather famous for - it's Opera House. There was a Sunday matinee of Robert Wagner's 'Lohengrin' going on inside the opera house while outside, was a live showing of the opera. I lingered to watch the opera that was in German, which is the native language of most of the outdoor audience, save for me. Duolingo wasn't quite enough help with opera.
No need to buy a ticket to enjoy a live performance at the Vienna Opera House
I looked up what Lohengrin was about, and let's just say I wish I'd been there when the swan swam in dragging the boat. Musta been cool.

But now I roamed the streets looking into shops with some idea of getting for a trinket or three.
A Vienna street
Fiaker - carriage - perhaps over 100 yrs old
The most hard to resist were the Schokoladen-Läden, and don't get me started on the Viennese pastry shops.

Adorable little faux Faberge eggs....

And adorable little whats-its

Motzart shop where I resisted buying an ensie wiensie violin that came with a case

Just because the sky grew darker, doesn't mean the crowds thin, when in an international city like Wein (Vin). Tourists, families, even a small group of brown-robed holy men, wandered the streets. I stopped to watch a man blowing enormous bubbles to the delight of all.

Der Bubble-Meister

A Bubble Vodermort, how clever!

I totally enjoyed my day in Vienna. I got a bit lost on my way back to the Garten. I made it back to my Straussgassehaus train station destination, no problem. The trouble was I got out at a different entrance than I had used earlier in the day. For once, my sense of direction escaped me, but after questioning several people at a bus station, I got my bearings and took the long walk back to the hotel. It as dark and lovely and when the hotel was in sight up the street, I sat a while on a bench to soak it all up. I was thrilled when I saw die fledermaus fly by! No, I did not see an opera fly by, I saw flapping, breathing, flying mammals - bats fly by! I saw Viennese flappy things! I know that's not the usual thing a tourist crows about, but I tell you, it made my day. Now... what species will they have been?

Oh never mind. I'll end this post with a short video of Lohengrin at the Opera House earlier in the day.  Perhaps I'm wrong, but I cannot imagine a U.S. opera house offering free viewing of a performance like this. Have a brief glance for yourself.

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