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Thursday, March 03, 2016

Oh My...

I'm back at home, and post-annoying-dentist-appointment, I headed west to the Fazio Wildlife preserve. Wasn't expecting much of anything there, and sure enough, as per usual, there were a b'jillion coots, huge and colorful Northern Shovelers, and the butts of Pintails, Gadwalls and Mallards in the air as they fed.

I got all the way to the rear of the massive wildlife road, and turned my mud splattered car around to leave and something caught my eye. A huge bird, no, two huge birds. They flew high up over a part of the refuge I can't access without getting my own lazy rear out of the car. Then it happened, and I mean 'it'.

The baldies flew at each other, stretched out and grabbed each others talons like teenagers, reaching out to grasp their lover's hands. Talons locked, the twin pair, their wings outstretched as they plummeted out of the sky. Like maple tree seeds, they twirled as they fell from the sky, circling, circling, falling.

I could not believe my eyes.

Not my photo - honestly, I've no clue how you get yourself
together enough to photograph this kind of thing
Just as I thought they seemed sure to hit the ground, they released talons, flying off.

Wow.  I've seen such flights on National Geographic and numerous nature shows, but to see it unexpected, in person, I felt like I'd had a peek into Mother Nature's boudoir.

Nothing was going to beat the Baldies so I decided to head home, I mean, really, nothing was going top love-struck Baldies. As I drove of, I got a text message from an unfortunate friend to whom I proceeded to inundate with the miracle I'd just viewed.

As I drove along the western half of the Auto drive and there was the most massive accumulation of Yellow-headed Blackbirds I've ever seen.

The cacophony of the busy birds was phenomenal
One of many isles de Blackbirds
And many little feeding spots
Where they hell did a b'jillion Yellow-headed Blackbirds come from? I have seen them at the Fazio refuge before, but their presence is by no means a usual thing. I must see them at Fazio when they just pop up, with no rhyme or reason known by meself. So my inconsequential visit to the wildlife area was one for the records. My first viewing of Bald Eagles at this site, and possibly my most spectacular viewing of Bald Eagles ever. A virtual #$%+-storm of Yellow-headed Blackbirds... and a few old friends.

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