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Sunday, February 14, 2016

Succulent Valentines

'Hens and Chickens' decorate these wooden hearts
Um... probably not what you're thinking, the succulent Valentines that is. Am in Monterey visiting with friend Barbara. She wanted to take a run to one of her many favorite plant nurseries, Succulent Gardens. The nursery has been around five years but it was my first visit. The nursery is famous for its classes teaching how to plant succulents on wall hangings. This is an impressive wall hanging that actually is a wall.

Pink Floyd got nothin' on this wall
of hundreds of mini-succulents
 First thing I zoned in on were the many Valentine themed goods for sale.

One can purchase these letters and fill them in with nursery seedlings.

Yes - fairly pricey!
You feeling the love yet? The Succulent Nursery is a HUGE greenhouse. I like to try and get in a certain amount of daily walking, and this was the perfect place to achieve my day's goal.

Walked up one aisle on its left, then down the same aisle on the right

Then it was over to the next aisle and repeat.

I got quite the walking work out. The entire time I thought of my mother, who adored succulents and would have had a ball at this giant warehouse of plantlets. 

Barbara had long since bought the few things she had come for, and she texted me 'Come on, let's go!' Happily, I had my phone turned off, and wasn't going to leave unless unless the whole place went up in flames - was having that much fun toodle-ing around.  

Then I spotted what I've been looking for for about two years now - cute and adorable planting pots! Used to be lots of stores had cutesy pots and planters, but there seems to be a dearth of them the past couple of years. I even searched nurseries in the Bay Area which back in 'the day' used to have loads of adorable pots. 

Chicken Pots, no pie
Was sooo tempted by this colorful sea turtle pot
Settled on a cute terra cotta baby quail pot and a colorful rooster pot
There were also large terra cotta pots in the shape of terriers, bunnies, chickens and such, but decided to leave those for another time. Now I finally have nice pots for my 'string of hearts' plant.

Got in my 2K plus steps at the nursery and a bit of shopping and I was finally very-nearly-almost ready to leave. Barbara had to sit in the car and wait while I got my fill of succulents at this awesome plant nursery.

lots of blossoms
Brother Sun, Sister Moon

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