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Sunday, June 14, 2015

At Last, My Musical Love Has Come Along....

It's the season of the Music Circus, and I entered this year a tiny bit reluctantly. I have worked as substitute usher for more than a decade now and I've long held the feeling I am waiting for one of the older ushers to die so I might replace him or her. I've felt a bit ghoulish and guilty. And darned if I haven't placed slick banana peels about the beautiful Music Circus venue, I mean for the sake of hurrying things along. Just sayin'...

 But it has at long last happened, all banana peels aside, the Sunday Night usher organizer Elliot, asked if I would like to take on a full time position. Just imagine - no one had to die - that I know of. OHMYGODS, be still my heart; would I ever!

So the season is now three productions in, I've for once, have seen them all, no longer having to hope and wonder if I'll be selected from the ranks of substitutes to usher at the performances I most would like to see. Nope. I am now included without exception. I can plan around being present every-second-Sunday night performance for all six Music Circus presentations. I am bound and determined to make each and every performance of the ushering. Hurrah for moi!

The season's first production was My Fair Lady, an old favorite of mine, and I always it as always love that Pygmalion presentation. Might I be allowed another squeal? SQUUEEEEEEE!

UPDATE: I made all 6 performances for the season. YAY!

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