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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Berkeley Hen Party

Top to bottom, left to right
Nancy, Rhonda, Ingrid, Barbara, Robbie
and some chick in a red shirt
It's been three years since our last Hen Party. So Roberta, aka Robbie dusted off the welcome mat and in we all blasted in like an April storm; chat, chat, yak, yak, and not to be overlooked, eat, eat, EAT.

Robbie making her now famous, 'Khao soi'
a Thai Curried Chicken Soup
Hen Ingrid, back from Peru
She brought Peruvian Prezzies for everyone
Barbara & Nancy model attractive alpaca scarves; their pick of Ingrid's presents...
Hey! Is that a non-hen back there in the kitchen?
Hen Robbie brandishing the sacred pecking hens -
only to be enjoyed by she-who-hosts the latest Hen Party
Modeling one of the Peruvian gifts, an Alpaca wool glove
Hen Rhonda pouring out the oh-so-delish, after dinner aperitif

Um... Ice Wine, which along with other wines and some delightful cheeses were brought by farm adviser, Hen Rhonda. Ice wine, made from frozen grapes, is quite sweet.

There's that not-a-hen again. Bill, Hen Robbie's hubby
Very nice man, quite tolerant of chattering, nattering hens in his domicile

Also not-a-hen, girlie kitty 'Baby Cakes' wonders
why no feast food made it to her dish
All in all it was a great Hen Party weekend. It's nice getting together with old friends ever once in a bit, to share a little of our lives. It has been 3 years since our last get together so we hope to make up for that with another H.P. by year's end. Stay tuned.

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