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Sunday, August 10, 2014


Yay! Got another ushering gig at the Music Circus. This time the musical, quite an old one, was Brigadoon. It's a story about a magical spot of land in Scotland that is under a witch's spell. A couple of New York City type Yankees traveled there by accident where the lads met a pretty lass and a randy lass and yes, fun ensued.I always enjoy watching either the movie version of the musical or the rare treat of seeing it person. I mean whats not to like about a stage full of men in kilts? Aye lassie, we all like the tilt of a kilt!

But before I urge you to peek at highlights of the musical below, here's a cool thing. There was lots of liquid nitrogen used to make the Scottish highlands of the play foggy. As tonight was the last night of the musical there was wee bit of left over hot ice. So, just about twilight, the stage crew dumped it into the fountain outside the theater. Joy ensued and here it is on video.

 OK, as you've not suffered enough. Here are some musical highlights from Brigadoon.

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