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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Tuma... what?

Tumacacori National Historic Park
Early this morning I left Patagonia, heading south to Nogales, then north on HWY 19. I'd booked myself a room at a B&B. Driving on highway 19 is interesting as this area of Arizona is the only part of the U.S. that posts mileage in Kilometers.

Inside the old church, circa early 1800s

Somewhere along HWY 19, I spotted a sign for Tumacacori National Historic Park. Tumor... Tuba... Tumacaca... Oh well. Whatever the name was, I had to visit. It is an old mission, with a beautiful church, as seen above, and lots of historical artifacts.

The most interesting bit to me was the pair of Senoritas that cook up tortillas on a stone grill for a small donation. I was starving, so the hot buttered tortillas really hit the spot.

Shady and welcoming outdoor kitchen, serving yummy, fresh tortillas
My visit to this sleepy site was brief, and soaked in history. My visit was also soaked in current history as the church still holds mass for the locals in celebration of special religious events.

I will leave you to read about the history - if you so choose - here. Today was a long day so I suffice to add a few snaps of what I enjoyed most on my brief visit to the church of the old Padres.

Grinding stones lay under the shaded 'patio' of this structure
The cemetery behind the main church

One of many Barn Swallows that mistake Tumacacori for San Juan Capistrano.

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