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Monday, January 20, 2014

Persimmons - They're Not Just For Possums Anymore

Yesterday, while visiting with Nancy & Rick at their house, I had a look out the back porch window. The backyard persimmon tree was filled with over ripe fruit which hasn't gone unnoticed. American Robins, Cedar Waxwings, the odd Butter Butt aka Yellow-rumped Warbler and squirrels were having their fill. I had my camera with me so I got some shots of the Waxwings stuffing their faces with fruity pulp goodness.

Yummy, yummy, yummy
Alas - never a napkin handy when you need one
Suspect this bird would not be happy with the angle I chose for its portrait
It was a wonder they could still fly with such a fruit load on board.
WOAH! This fruit is so squishy it gives me the heeby jeebies!
I love shots that show off the red 'waxy' wing tufts
that give the species its name
As for my own back yard, the Waxwings have already come and gone. They ate about 75% of the Hawthorn berries and the local pain-in-the-arse squirrels took care of the rest. They all do me a favor in eating the berries as I won't have to deal with as many unwanted 'volunteer' baby Hawthorn trees this year.

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