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Saturday, August 10, 2013

I'll have the spaghetti with a side of tacos

My bud Barbara is up visiting me this week. We had a sudden longing for some Thai Tom Yum soup, which for years has been my favorite food; made with lemon grass, coconut milk and tender chicken. Finally I decided we should give into our peckishness so I drove us to Andy Nguyens Restaurant. After were seated for a bit, our our waiter came to take our orders. I told him we couldn't find Tom Yum soup on the menu, and he told us, "We're not a Thai restaurant, we're Vietnamese."


Simple error on my part, and unfortunately it isn't the first time I've made the same error at the same restaurant. I keep thinking it is a Thai establishment - wishful thinking at that! Oh well, we enjoyed the heck out of our meal of Imperial rolls with pork & rice noodles, curried pork with rice and Thai iced tea. On our drive home I kept cracking up and laughing until I snorted. After all, isn't not being able to tell Vietnamese cuisine from Thai kind of like going to an excellent Italian Restaurant and ordering chow mein, or siting down at Mexican restaurant and demanding a nice order of Swedish meatballs. I mean, about time I learn to get my ethnicities straight, you know?

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