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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Good, The Bad, the Ugly

Today road buddy Ila and I are back on the road, headed for home - eventually. Driving along a West Virginian highway, I was really in need of something cheering when I spotted a sign for New River Gorge National Park.  I parked and we looked around. A Chipping Sparrow sang encouragingly from a nearby tree. Hurrah! What is better for what ails you than a nice, big, shiny National Park?

New River Gorge National Park's visitor center

We hiked maybe an eighth of a mile to an overlook. There we could view the humongous Gourge bridge from as new perspective, as we had just driven over it. The Bridge is a beautiful green arch that spanning over the breath taking, deep gorge.

Ila checks out the observation platform view

And a grand view it is of this 2nd highest bridge in the U.S.

View of  New River Gorge from Visitor Center
Later, when we headed into the Visitor Center. Did I get a passbook stamp? Hello! I got four: the New River Gorge National Park, Coal Mining Heritage Area, the Gauley River National Recreation Area and the Bluestone National Scenic River. Score!

Oh, and I picked up the 2013 regional stamps, which to my joy included two sites in the park system I already visited, the Central High School in Little Rock Arkansas, and the Rockefeller Memorial Highway located in Wyoming. I felt like I'd hit a grand slam, a great feeling considering our first day on the road had such an annoying start...

Now, I will back up to the BAD referred to in this post's title. Shortly before I veered off the highway to revive my spirits at the New Gorge National Park, this occurred.

Yes, that's a West Virginian police car glowing in the rear view window. My first reaction when I spotted it was to pull over into the right lane so the good officer could chase whatever scoundrel was breaking the law. Imagine my shock & surprised to find out that I was the scoundrel! I squealed to Ila, "But I wasn't DOING anything!". I'd just pulled out of a gas station & onto the freeway, got up to speed and while driving downhill, I'd been breaking when I spotted the lights. I was breaking! Officer, did you see my break lights??

The officer told me I was speeding, but that he would see to it that my ticket didn't mess up my insurance. Both myself and Ila were so thoroughly rattled. The officer gave me a ticket, for driving 55 mph in a 50 mph zone!

 I wish I could remember what the GPS unit said. I recall it being closer to 65mph.

So, now I know how the little West Virginian dutchie keeps its coffers flush - picking off out-of-state cars for minor traffic violations. &$%$^*@#

[Management wishes to interject here, the fine paid by Ms. Miller tallied in at $176.00. Madame did not take it well. As she wrote the check, oh, the language she used! Peeled the paint from the walls.]

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  1. Phew, that was an expensive 5mph!!! The rest sounds fun tho.