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Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Apple Hill

I think it is fall; true, it's still warm out there and the leaves are resisting color change, but Halloween is approaching and somewhere, high up in the sky, geese and ducks are passing overhead, winging south. In the Sacramento area, Autumn is celebrated by trekking east to Placer County to Apple Hill. Apple Hill is where crafts & winter comfort foods migrate to this time of year. Really, they do. Not having visited the region in a long time, the apple pie content of my blood being low, I decided is high time I get up there for a visit. To that end, I invited Barbara and Judy to 'Chez Claire' and bright and early-ish we headed up Highway 50.

Soon we were happily perusing the calorie laiden, apple-ie treats available to unsuspecting tourist types like us.

Dear me... where is my Weight Watchers point counter?

Barbara, Judy and lady who sells apple products one doesn't require an iPad to fully enjoy

Through a glass pane, an foot high pile of apple slices await a doughy topping
We were lucky enough to be able to explore the quaint roads of the Apple Hill region on a week day, so we didn't hav e much traffic, of the vehicle or people kind to deal with.

Quite a pleasant drive down shade speckled roads
Many of the stops we made are ready for Halloween
Many farms let you pick your own apples, others, even let you pick your own pumpkin
There were lots of flowered vistas to enjoy

Panorama 'Jamma Pix from an Apple Hill Shop
Mid-afternoon we had our lunch at a spot that featured a duck pond and crafts galore. We enjoyed several stops around Apple Hill, and tried not to buy too much apple-related goodies, though I admit, a near bushel of apples, a gigantic frozen apple pie, some cookies and a caramel/chocolate/nut covered apple-on-a-stick, did make it into the car. Finally, when we felt throughly apple saturated, we headed back to Fair Oaks.

Oooo bonus photo!  The night before the Apple Hill adventure, Barbara, Judy and Robin were my willing guinea pigs. They were subjected to my culinary skills, which this time included some lamb chops which I secured from Robin a while back at Meridian Ranch. My 'Chez Claire' guests seemed to enjoy the herb encrusted lamb chops, scalloped potatoes and winter squash medley well enough. By my own reckoning, the dinner was tasty and 'better than a meal I fed to them earlier in the year. Well! Practice, apparently does make perfect - or as good as it gets anyway.

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