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Monday, July 16, 2012

The Little Mermaid

Hurrah! Will get to do some ushering this season at the Music Circus. Last night I saw The Little Mermaid, I think, the 3 Disney Animated feature taken from the ink pots & cinema to the stage, after The Lion King, and Beauty & the Beast. Now, who doesn't love a Disney musical? Sure as heck the b'jillion little girls,  that trooped into the Music Circus last night all happily dressed in their princess & mermaid finery, certainly love musicals. Aww... the next widdle generation of theater goers.

Here, enjoy a little time under the sea for yourself.

Now, all of the above said - tonight was, for me, rather horrifying in moments. No, not the musical, that was great. But let me back up a bit here, to April. In April something expected, OK, not expected happened. You see, my vision has been crystal clear, sharp as tack since I had lasik surgery some 8 years ago. The wonder was, both my near and far vision were crystaline. That's unusual as normally one is given a choice by the surgerons, your vision can be corrected for near or far vision, you can't have both. But, I was the exception. Post surgery I could read the back of a jam jar right up against my nose, almost no distance between me and my reading matter too close. Lucky, lucky me.

Then, in April, something happened - out of the blue, my near vision went wonky. Disappeared. Fuzzed up. Quite a shock. Thought it was temporary, then thought I must have eye cancer or something. Finally I realized that %#&#% Father Time caught up with my corneas and well... now I need reading glasses.

That brings me back to last night's fiasco. Never occured to me to bring reading glasses with me to the theater - oh... glasses will be around my neck from now on, at every engagement. What happend Claire, freakn' Spit. It. Out! 

Ok, ok, hold onto your ticket stub, I'm getting to it... I put a couple ladies in the wrong seat. They should have been in Row O, seats 19 & 20. I put them in Row Q. ARRRRRRGGGGGHHHH! When a family of 6 showed up for their row Q, there, mid row, sat the mis-seated ladies. By then, the theater rows were pretty full up, so it was quite an unexpected production number getting the ladies out of the wrong seats and into their proper seats.

But Claire? Why the fuss? So what! They just got up, and moved down a few rows. Why the anguish on your part. Uh... well, let me explain that... you see... the lady's seeing-eye dog had fallen asleep and getting him and his blind mistress and companion back out the row and into their correct seats... well like I said - it was a production number.  Nope. Will be carrying my granny reading glasses with me in future to every performance.

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