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Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Auf Wiedersehen Sendak

Spent some 'me' time reading some of my favorite Maurice Sendak books. These aren't the only Sendak illustrated books I have, but they're my favorites. They were Buddy Barb's when she was a kid, and she gave them to me several years ago. I've enjoyed them reading them, stumbling over the German and like every big overgrown kid, enjoying the artwork of Maurice Sendak. The books are minis from the 'Nutshell Library', each book measuring 3" by 2.5" approximate.

Here's a bit from Hühnersuppe mit Reis, Chicken Soup with Rice. This is the page for the month of May, 'Mai'. It's my translation, which means, NO perfection here, Chicken Soup with Rice or not!

In May
a robin is
in the tree
and built a nest for me
and therein my meal brews -
Why am I joyful then?
Because chicken soup
Chicken soup
Chicken soup with rice
I can cook.

The Nutshell Library

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