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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap Year Eggs!

First Efforts

Tonight as I was making my hens snug in their coop for the night, I spotted - GASP! - an ensie little egg by the chicken netting. Such excitement: one of my Maran pullets laid her first egg.
A few minutes later, after I gave the hens their 'good night' pats, in the egg box was a 2nd Maran egg . It was slightly larger than the first, and a few shades closer to dark brown. Both of my Maran pullets laid their first egg on the same day. At long, l-o-n-g last, my widdle pullet girlies have grown up! I am so proud of mes petites brats!

These 'first effort' eggs are 'small', and the egg colors are 'off' from the dark brown their breed is noted for. New Pullet's first eggs are often small and/or off color (for the breed). Am excited to see how their eggs end up looking once their internal egg apparatus get all tuned up.

My Easter-egger Lucy laid eggs a few weeks back then stopped. Then, when I was openly distraught about the dirth of eggs, the Faverolles each, begrudgingly gave me an egg. Now the pullets have popped out an egg each. A slow start, but a start, none the less. Why the slow start? Well, the daylight hours have begun to increase, but baby it's cold outside! Fair Oak's night time temps this year frequently dipped into the mid to low 30s. I found frost on the coop just a couple of mornings ago.

Oh well! I'm happy with my Leap Year eggs. Hopefully there'll be a few more due before the next leap year in 2016.

Top row: store bought large egg, Maran mini-egg,
Bottom Row: Faverolles egg, Maran egg

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