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Monday, February 06, 2012

An Egg to Match the Sky

HURRAH! I ran my usual roaming check around the yard today and found the first egg of the season, and what an egg it is!

Lucy's first egg - beautiful blue

The first egg of the year is from Lucy, my Easter Egger (Americana?). I was told she may well be a hatchling from this past year and as such I had expected her first egg to be smallish, but her egg - which may or may not be her first ever - is not small. Also I didn't know if she would lay green or blue eggs so a nice Robin's egg blue egg is a happy surprise.

Am wondering when my other four 'slackers' will get around to laying their first eggs of the new year. My French Faverolles Adele and Babette will lay their normal pinkish beige eggs and my new French 'Black Copper Maran' pullets will lay dark brown eggs. I am going to crow when I get my first Maran egg. Happy days are here again. No more store bought eggs till late this year when the winds grow frigid.

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