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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Back to the Kitchen!

My last bagel baking attempt a year or so ago was dreadful. The recipe was complex and taking my best guess, I overshot the amount of yeast needed by about a quarter cup. Yes, you read that right - a quarter cup. Despite the excess yeast the bagels were flatter than Ma and Pa Kettle's tires and they tasted yeasty. Thought I'd NE-VER attempt bagels again.

Flash forward, or back, to today and I decided to give it another shot using a different and far easier bagel recipe. .

This recipe was a cinch. I dumped 2 cups of rye flour (my innovation), 2 cups of white flour, 2 scanty little teaspoons of yeast, sugar, salt and water into my food processor which did the mixing and initial kneading for me. A little razzle (more kneading), a little dazzle (time for the dough to rise) I had raw poofy bagels. Actual recipe HERE.

A couple of my raw, misshapen bagels

The thing that makes bagels bagels is boiling them before baking. You ever wait for a dutch oven's worth of water to boil? Takes forever.

The bagels boiling 1 minute on each side

The boiled bagels were out of the hot water and onto poppyseeds or sesame seeds, then onto the baking sheet. Ten minutes on each side and I had freakn' bagels! Didn't have to go fetch them from Noah's Bagels or anything!

Boiled and baked Claire-type bagels

Whooo hooo! Wonderfully chewy and as I suspected, not quite as pumpernickely as I would like. No surprises there because I didn't add malt syrup or use brown sugar - so as to make real pumpernickel bagels. Maybe next time, if I'm feeling brave, I'll give pumpernickel bagels, using all rye flour, a go. You hear that Pumpernickle bagels? You are my density!

Tada! Home made breakfast sandwich;
delicious, nutritious & ug-ly

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