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Friday, January 27, 2012

Baby Fix!

Drove over to the Bay Area today for a baby fix. Here's the deal, the fraternal twin boys are the sons of my buddy Barbara's foster son James. His adorable widdle 10 day old boys are named Wyatt and Virgil. Names sound familiar? Anyway, I got to cuddle and play with the boys who are so young that playing with them amounts to holding them and gawking at their teeny fingers and toes. Cool! Hey, how come babies don't have puppy breath?

Virgil (l), with brown hair looks like his Dad,
Wyatt (r) has black hair and looks like Mommy

Thank heavens Angie's Mom came to stay and help with the boys for their first few weeks. I thought they were pretty kind to let me visit while the boys are so ensie. Talk about hectic! The babies need to be fed every two hours, day and night.

Grandmother, Mom, other Grandma Barbara w/Wyatt, Uncle Eric w/Virgil

Uncle Eric and Daddy James holding Wyatt
who, despite photo is not eating an apple

I had fun visit. Barbara with Eric, drove up from Monterey. It's been ages since I got to play with a v. young baby. I got to cuddle Adan when he was a newborn and he's away at college now - told you it was a long time!

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