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Sunday, November 06, 2011

I'm Back, But Then...

... I never said I was gone. I've had a wonderful time visiting my family in Baltimore Maryland and I even went north to the Big Apple for more of same. What a rare - for me - treat!

in the BIG APPLE - a town I never expected to ever visit again - I visited with my big sister Dolores. We spent a week seeing everyone and everything I could think of; people I love.

Dolores (sister), William (nephew) and Rhonda (cousin)

My practically long-lost big brother Juan

The biggest treat was seeing my niece Doris, who since I last saw her in 1992 added a couple of lovies to our family, her boys, James-Allen and Marion-Elliot.

My niece Doris, and her boys

I even got in a visit with my Godmother Bernice. She is 80-something and troops about the city like she were 20-something. She is one of my 'when I get old' role models, meaning keep active and don't stop doing what you love.

Godmother Bernice

On my last night in New York City, my sister Dolores, cousin Rhonda, my godmother Bernice and I got together. We treked to MoBays, a Caribbean Restaurant for a cheerful dinner. Come to think of it, there were loads of dinners out on this trip. In Baltimore, on my last night in town we had a celebratory dinner at Oceanaire to celebrate my nephew-in-law Avon's Birthday.

(L to R) Ain, Avon, Sydney, Bea,
James Dolores, Nicole and Kirk

And here they all are again when that phenomenal bill came!

Just a bit of a shock

So, I'm tickled that seeing my family is no longer a semi-decade (or two) event. Now I see them all at least once a year, and believe me, that hardly seems enough. Oh well, nothing to do but look forward to seeing some of them this coming Spring!


  1. obviously mugging for the camera is a Miller family trait!

  2. thank you so much aunt Claire for your visit. Miss you.