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Thursday, August 04, 2011

The Moth-er Load

I've had an ongoing moth infestation for ages now. One source turned out to be a bag of birdseed that sat unutilized in a dining room corner and another was a bag of corn masa in my pantry cupboard. Those sources gone, I expected the house load of pantry moths to gradually dimminish and disappear - didn't happen! I was on the verge of deciding I am just cursed and doomed to flying scale-shedders for the remainder of my life. Then, on returning from a mini-break with my friend Barbara, she innocently mentioned, "...but what about that bag of birdseed in the garage?"

"What bag of birdseed? There is no more birdseed."

"The one I saw when I got out of the car. Near the driver's seat."

Poor deluded Barbara! Birdseed in the garage? As if! So, I walked off in to the garage expecting to see NOTHING. Here is a photo of the 'Nothing' I saw. Note the swiss cheese appearance of the non-existent birdseed bag.

Source of Winged Invasion

How could I have walked past that bag a thousand times without seeing it? Sigh... yet another notorious case of 'hidden in plain sight'.Oh well. Maybe now the numbers of pantry moths flying reconissance in my home will finally diminish.

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