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Monday, July 25, 2011

Quick Chick Update

A couple of days ago I got a chick up date from Barbara down in Monterey. "The chicks love to ride around on Miss Pink's back and fly around". Made me laugh at the thought of a row of chicks bronco riding on their foster Mom's back. However, the chicky escapades were indication it was high time for the family to move to spacier digs.

So, today Barbara sent a photo of the chicks and Mom in their new home, a spacious 10' X 20' area inside of the much, much larger chicken run. Word has it, the chicks enjoyed their first ever dust bathes today. Amazing how quickly chicks grow from fluffy-coated nubbins to feathered hell-raisers.

Miss Pink looks fairly frazzled under the
weight of her pin-feathered responsibilities

Under Mom, On Mom, what's the diff?

The new pen within a pen

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