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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Titans at Rossmoor Bar

So, this morning, post dental appointment I was hanging out by the river. When taking this first photo I didn't even notice it was not an Anna's Hummingbird; it's a Black-chinned Hummer.

Not one of the titans
I decided to head for home so I drove up from the boat launch dock in Rossmoor Bar on the Parkway. Noticed there was a crowd down on a slope.

A view taken without using zoom - click for a look at who is there

I've never even seen deer in this particular park before, much less so many well pointed bucks.

The four bucks were only nominally interested in me
This buck is beautiful - love the dark forehead, something special to Mule Deer of the Bambi persuasion.
Four-pointer, if you don't count the tines
seemingly growing from his back

The sweep of the antlers on these bucks were reminiscent of elk.
That's right, we're spectacular
And just when I thought the scene couldn't be more engaging, a wee little fawn walked out from some shrubbery. I was startled to see it was still spotted. Haven't seen a spotted fawn in quite a while, it is the season.
What is this stuff the big guys are eating?
No idea where this baby's Mom was. I stared at the little herd of five (in sight) but no doe showed. Maybe this was Dad's custody week? Hey, I'm just saying...!

Well! Think I'll get the camera and figure out how the hell I turned on the date marking in the new little digital camera, and how the hell I can turn it back off again.


  1. I found your blog page through searching "Rossmoor Bar". The hummer got me. An hour later, I have to say thanks for the wonderful postings. Fun.
    I live at the entrance to Rossmoor Bar and just love it (and Latrobe Rd too).
    I've done a few things lately you might be interested in.
    I'd love to share a circle with you on Google+ if your open to that. Thanks!
    seymore66 AT gmail.com