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Friday, April 29, 2011

The Shackles Drop, the Real Works Begin

Waking early this morning my first thought was, "I retired yesterday?"

My answer to myself was "Yes."

Yesterday I left nearly 30 years of State service with as little fuss and fanfare as possible and I find myself FREE!

So, naturally no sooner had I fled downtown Sacramento, then felt the need to celebrate with a bit of nature. Went to Pioneer Park to see what the vernal pools are up to.

Pink Checkerblooms spill through the vernal pools

A cheery Yellow Brick Road of tiny yellow Goldfields

A shame you can't make out the Valley Tassels or purple Vetch

White Hyacinth are scattered around the meadows

Not quite as splashy as 2 years ago but I must say it's a pretty good show at any rate. Now! I'm up. I have my coffee, and I see what a crap state my house & yard are in after weeks of neglect. I think I know what my first retirement project is. Now. Where is the vacuum cleaner? Probably under that pile of junk I brought home from the office. Wills & Kate, you think YOU'RE having a big day? Think again!

[Right. Management throws in the towel on that one.]

1 comment:

  1. I am always so impressed that you know the names of all the flowers and the birds! Me, I know nuthin....
    I will miss our exchange of silly stuff at work, but since I've moved closer to you I expect to be seeing you more than in the past.
    Enjoy the housework! I'm still unpacking and organizing.