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Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Dining for Three

Couldn't wait for the day's end. I raced back to my Monterey room at the Hyatt, and soon Joann and I were flying along the coastline again, to meet up with my other best buddy Barbara.

Racing past the Scenery

Joann and I beat Barbara to the Fish Wife and immediately dived into starters - an excellent ceviche with loads of lemon for Joan and savory clam chowder for 'moi'. By the time Barbara arrived we were all up for drinks all around. Barbara had the house wine and Joann and I had our first ever 'Appletinis'. Oh YUM!
I've known Joann since I was 17 and Barbara since I was 21. They are both three years my junior. This was only the second time they've ever met, the pair being divided not by me, but by a HUMONGOUS expanse of California - about a ten hours drive worth.

Joann and Barbara

We stretched out our meals as long as we could, but then it was time to say goodbye. I wish we all lived closer to each other, but maybe that's for another life in another time. Meanwhile, Joann and I drove on a slighty sight-seeing drive that took us through the dark streets of downtown Monterey. A little side trip from there took us past Dennis the Menace Park where during the daytime kiddies climb all over a full sized steam locomotive.

Local Locomotive - for local kids to climb on

Soon we were back at the Hyatt, relaxin' and maxin' in comfort.

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