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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Once Upon a Morning Dreary...

I handle the money for the 10th floor water club at my office. So when the monthly bill came due I paid it on line, then went into the lockable cabinet to reimburse myself of the money I paid the bill with. No worries! Took out club cash, pulled out $50. I next picked up the envelope to put it, and the remaining cash back into storage - only, no cash was in the envelope. Nonplussed, I picked up the loose paperwork on my desk, but the money was not under any of the piles. Perhaps I dropped the loot? I looked under my desk, but NO MONEY.

What the hell! I turned around, looking by my computer, under the keyboard, back in the cash envelope (looked there several times and somehow the money did not materialize), under the little trash bin, IN the little trash bin. Results the same -NO CASH.

Now I was freaking. How could over $100 just disappear and I hadn't even left my desk! I got up and looked in the lockable cabinet but, as expected, no cash there.

Ok Now I was buggin' (much worse than freaking you know...). Without the benefit of having left my desk I managed to lose a shite load of cash! What is WRONG with me I wondered. Is some angel with a vile sense of humour torturing me? WHERE IS THE FREAKIN' MONEY, ARRRGGGGHHHH!

Then, on impulse, I looked up. This is what I saw...

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