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Monday, September 20, 2010


Moths - in the kitchen, in the living room. Fluttering alongside my bed, and dashing themselves into any standing water in the kitchen, whether the standing water is water, soup or ale. Somewhere in the house I knew there must be a festering cesspool of oats, flour or such, chock full of damned pantry moths. Moths laying eggs, hatching from effing cocoons and doing the dirty in a barley bin, which can only lead to more effing moths.

A few weeks ago I had a short fly infestation of the Amityville Horror sort, but they were only around a few days - whatever died in the attic must have been teeny tiny. But these effing moths - everywhere... abso-effing-lutely everywhere.

I'm no knucklehead, I know where there are moths, there is something the damned things are feeding on. I couldn't bring myself to dig into the pantry. I mean, my pantry is new; everything in it is double wrapped or mason jared. How could there be effing moths in any of my pantry goods? I just couldn't look. COWARD!

When I came home from work tonight I was not greeted by my cat, or loved ones, I was greeted by a flight of moths. Ugh! They seemed to be predominant in a corner by the bookcase of all places... then I saw it. Two large, sealed paper bags of bird seed. The bird seed mix has sat there, waiting for me to put it outside for ages now. The last time I looked at the bags they were pristine, brown papered, satiny. But tonight the bags were gruesome - drilled with hundreds of tiny holes, coated with dozens and dozens of eensie cottony masses - SOURCE OF INFESTATION FOUND!

So now the maggoty bird seed bags are in the trash bin in my garage - so are about a thousand b'jillion moth eggs I'd guess. Will probably take a few months for me to ferret out and kill moths remaining in the house.

Note to Self: In future, put all birdseed into sealed containers. Better yet, freeze the seed, to kill anything in them, and then put in sealed containers.

Oh well. Could have been worse. This could have been a tale about bed bugs. UGH!

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