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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

New Anxiety - Oh Lucky Me

Woke in the witching hours, stunned. Since childhood, whenever I am freaked or worried about something I have had anxiety dreams. As a kid, those dreams were me, trying to find clothing to wear to school. But each outfit I tried on was dirty, torn or too small. Years later, with the joy of having my own set of wheels came a new sort of anxiety dream. I dreamt I had parked somewhere but could not find my car. I'd hike up hill & over dale but no car. The HORROR!

Last night I had an anxiety dream. No surprises there really. At work at an impromptu bitch session we railed on how dismal our employment is these days. There are furloughs that lift thousands of dollars our of our pockets and worse, threat of no furloughs, just a 15% permanent pay cut. These days how could anyone work for State government and not suffer anxiety dreams?

But my dream in the wee hours of this morning was different. In the dream I woke in a bed in a strange & shadowy room. There was a large & dark, cloaked menacing figure at the door - a figure growling mit ein thick Austrian accent. Panicked, I began to fumble, searching for my iPhone. Yes, damn it, I sleep with my iPhone. But I couldn't find it! I tumbled out of bed and tore through dresser drawer after dresser drawer, desk and closet, frantically seeking my dear, my darling iPhone, to no avail. Oh the ungodly AGONY!

So, for what it's worth, I must embrace a new sort of anxiety dream for my anxiety dreams and nightmares: the missing iPhone.

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