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Monday, March 29, 2010

Visit to Meridian Ranch - Where Spots in Front of Your Eyes is a GOOD Thing

After a fairly inactive weekend - for me that is, as Barbara was worn to a frazzle from her classes - we paid a visit to Meridian Ranch. Barbara got a kick out of Robin's newly remodeled workshop/sales room and the new workshop entrance. We settled ourselves comfortably in Robin's workshop and watched while industrious Robin carded wool. I have always said, and believe me it is the truth, that Robin does more by 9 AM than the U.S. Army accomplishes in a given week. Bees could take a lesson in 'busy' from Robin.

While we chatted Robin carded wool

Spots and Dots Animated on the New Spring Lambs

After a long chat, we headed out to the pastures to visit this year's new crop of lambs. The birthing is mostly complete for the entire flock, so there were no lambs in stalls for snuggling, but we had fun watching the little critters, under the watchful eyes of their Mams.

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