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Friday, March 05, 2010


Early this morning I stood hungry and disgruntled at my stove, cooking breakfast. In the background I could hear the annoying din of a very loud TV commerical.


I cracked a smile; it was a TV commercial featured chickens clucking at 20 decibles; some crass ad for a breakfast cereal, maybe a sleeping pill advertisment. It was only when the noise didn't cease inside of 2 minutes that it dawned on me, the racket was my own 3 chickens on the back porch having a rawkous cluck fest; a string of lound 'Buck, buck, buck, bucks' followed immediately 'B' KAWK!' , loud enough to pass as 47 chickens. Listen to them here.

Were those my little feathered angels making that racket? Had no clue they could make that much noise. Oh well. On Monday my five month old birds finally began to lay eggs so as far as I'm concerned, the little darlings can make all the racket they want.

Seven pinkish-beige eggs laid since Monday
- the pair on the right are from Barb's older hens.

I gave the girls the run of the back yard early in the day, then checked their nest box and found no eggs. I wondered therefore if they would return to the box to lay or find some kind of hiding place so I can have the joy of accidently breaking a sulferous rotten egg later in the year. But nope! Around 10 o'clock one of my hens went to their nest box. The noise in the box sounded like Spring cleaning - kicking, banging and smacking things around. Later I checked the box - ahh... a perfectly adorable little ecru egg hidden in the fragrant timothy hay. Chicken Mom - that would be me - is so very proud.

Seven perfect mini-eggs laid since Monday. Their eggs will get larger over the coming month as their chickeny innards get the hang of egg laying. Frankly the eggs are so beautiful I can't quite bring myself to eat one yet, but don't worry - I'll get there.

Little Babette at the back door is my
little slouch - she hasn't begun to lay yet

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  1. Whoa, what a blessing, that kinda of noise here in NY, would win you 150.oo dollars ECB ticket.