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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Eggstra, Eggstra, Read All About It!

Madame Ami - Today I am a Hen!

Back in September I got four day-old baby chicks. When the fuzzy darlings were about a month old, it pleased me to give one as a pet to my friends, the Terrys. They named the new, and their third baby chick, 'Ami'.

Last night, as I lay in bed, almost ready to switch off the light, the Terrys called me. They were all excited, clucking and crowing because Ami, laid her first egg! It was doubly amazing because the Terrys also have two Rhodies (Rhode Island Red) pullets that are 2 weeks or so older than the Faverolles (French) chicks I have. So none of us were expecting any eggs out of any feathered behind until February at the earliest.

The first ever egg out of any hen are practice eggs. Most first eggs, like Ami's are smaller than they will be as the hen's innerds mature. Some eggs, amazingly come with no shell, just a membrane. Those eggs are rather 'jelly' eggs. I've heard that jelly eggs can really freak out the hen owners don't expect them. As first eggs go, Ami did very well to produce such as sizable egg, and one of such a lovely, rosy brown color. Good girl Ami!

The Terry's called me about the cool egg after I was already snug in bed. I got right up and tip-toed out to the chicken house to see if my girls laid anything of note, but nope, not yet. But I will keep my eyes open and my egg boxes open and ready until I get that first beautiful, egg.

The 'egg-of-color' in the center is Ami's pride

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