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Monday, December 07, 2009

Stupid Experiments for Cold Winter Nights

Ok, this is absolutely a v. silly post. It is cold here in Sacto, hitting freezing at night. In a yearly fight for survival, I put away my flimsy duvets and got out the heavy artillary - my down quilt. So when I went to bed last night, I was all snug and happy. I drifted off to sleep and in the wee hours, woke abrupty, and sweaty.

On a whim, I grabbed my bedside alarm clock - it has a thermometer. For a stupid experiment I placed it under the down quilt about a half foot from myself. Here are the results.

Room Temperature = 53 degrees
House Thermostat Setting = 55 degrees
Temperature under covers, when Claire woke a second time = 89 degrees!

I'm telling you - it was all I could do to stop myself getting up and putting on the air conditioning! Needless to say, spent the night alternately in and out from under the quilt. TMI? Yes. I see your point.


  1. two comments, 1st the threading on your guilt must be over 400, thats great! 2nd a trick to sleep'n under a good down(if u dont already know) is to wear something the first few hours until that heat hits and remove for rest of sleep; must have robe near by tho. hows that snow out dare n de west? got nun on de east here its a balmy 65 degrees with no snow in site :)

  2. I have had the same problem with my down comforter. The _are_ quite effective, aren't they? The first winter in my house in Spokane, I used it, but tat that time, I think I put the night time thermostat to 55 or something. Cheap, it is called, Cheap! But I was thinking I needed to shop for a nightcap, as my head was cold and my nose nippy. Fortunately for me, since I couldn't find a nightcap, and since I wasn't inspired to sew one up, I started renting extra rooms to college students and figured I couldn't subject them to my craziness and frigid temps. So the night time temps went to more like 62 or so. And I went to the regular comforter, not down. Even with that, it sometimes gets too warm. Reminds me of my dog Teddi, who started out as Jen's dog, until she continued on her master plan to eat Joann's house and I was told either I take her or she gets the long walk off the short pier (no lie, those were sweet Joann's words!), but I digress. Teddi liked to sleep under the covers. But then somewhere in the wee hours she would emerge, panting, and sleep on top of the covers, until she got cold, and back under she went. Sometimes I had to be wakened to open the covers for her...no my dogs do not rule my life! Anyhow, that is amazing that the temp was 89 degrees! I hope you get back to the more temperate climes soon!