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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Mud Puddle Splashtacular!

I've been home for a couple of days. Started with achyness and giddiness then, a more annoying than anything, intestinal glitch of the barfy kind. Ok, that's enough detail. The good news is, other than feeling weak and 'off', I'm actually not feeling all too awful. This happens about once a year - I get achy or barfy or whatever, and between bouts of gastro-intestinal distress I feel OK. I haven't done the big bad flu in a few years now, just these little flus. Still it is the flu and I'm home, keeping it real, keeping it all to myself (as opposed to idiot co-workers who have (so help me, some do this) tell you they are ill, but feeling ok enough to work. Thanks a lot people! No doubt one of you (or some poor soul on light-rail) gave this too me. You're too kind.

Enough bitchin'! Ran across this clip and it totally makes me feel happy. How can you watch this elk, one of nature's children play and not feel somehow refreshed - and dry. Watch this and I dare you not too feel at least a little up-lifted.

Been two days... am still laughing at this playful elk.


  1. Oh Claire,
    I hope that you are over this soon. Fun clip of the elk!

  2. loved it! like a child splashing in a rain puddle.

  3. Aaarrrrgh! It may have been a great clip, but I didn't get to see it. Dial-up connection sucks. Nevertheless, I did get to see the lovely lavender hen house. It's easy; just click the link, wash a few dishes, clean the litter box, hike out to the mailbox, put boxes for St. Vinnie's in the car and come back. The photo's nearly loaded!!