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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Week of Haunts.... BWAH HA HA HA HA!

Guilty secret: I enjoy watching Ghostly Encounters, a Canadian TV program that has real people speak about their experiences with ghosts, poltergeists and various other things that go bump in the night. The show features annoyingly spooky music has reenactments of its guest's ghostly confessions. I'm convinced some of the show's guests speak the truth, at least as they see experienced it, other guests on the show may be sadly deluded individuals, and a hopefully minute portion are lying like rugs to achieve their 15 minutes of fame.

Recently while watching Ghostly Encounters, it dawned on me that some of the types of experiences people discussed on the show have happened to me. Yes. No lie.

That I have had 'paranormal' experiences is what makes me think some of the show's guests are a bit deluded. Meaning, that while I've similar experiences to some of the people on Ghostly Encounters, I don't believe my many of experiences were paranormal. And what better week to drag those experiences out of the muck and mire of mind than Halloween week?

Therefore, this week I will present one spooky concept per day and take a bit of time to give my explanation why the concept(s) is, in my Claire-ish reasoning, is not paranormal. Or is it? [Fill in echoing blast of evil laugh here]

Ah! But I never said I don't believe paranormal things never happen - or that they have never happened to me. On Halloween Eve, I will give an example of something that happened to me that was so overly ‘coincidental’ that there is no way, in my mind, was it a coincidence. In my mind, it was truly paranormal.

And on Halloween I will reveal my one, unexplainable paranormal experience with a poltergeist.

BWAHAAHAHAHAHA! [Cue Spooky & Unsettling Music Here]

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