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Sunday, March 01, 2009

The Journey Home Through Air-brushed Hills

The end of a Hen Party is always a bit of a downer, but on the other hand, driving over hill and dale on back roads can really cheer you up. The hills and fields were festooned with great sweeps of yellow and white , with the occasional patch of periwinkle and/or blue.

Nancy enjoying the colorful vista

I recognized some of the flowers, such as these Fiddlenecks.

Common Fiddleneck


I guessed these white flowers were either Meadow Foam or Popcorn Flowers - they are the latter.

Popcorn Flowers

Red Maids, which actually look more like Fushia Maids, but there you go

Too pretty for only one name:
Frying Pan / Sierra Gold Cups/ or Lobb's Poppy - whew!

Look at this - doesn't it look as if some impressionist artist has swept a brush along and up the hillside?

Nancy insisted I photograph this beautiful little hillock

Ok, vow to self: MUST do some more wildflower hunting before the summer heat sets in and all the green stuff turns to brown crispies.

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