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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Rasser Frasser Flim Flame Frackus! (Flintstone swearing)

Had anxiety dream last night. Usually in such dreams I can't find my car. In last night's dream I was lost in a foreign country, wandering about, no car, hopeless, bare-footed.

What could have lead up to such a dreadful dream? Let's see...
was sick Christmas eve through the following week with RHINOvirus. Then on New Year's Eve I was sick with a ROTOvirus (with all its intestinal fortitude or lack thereof). So I went home. Then I remembered I left my cell phone charger at the office and couldn't find the backup charger at home. Was too sick to either dig up the lost one or go out and buy another so had no phone for five days in a row. No problem, there's always email, right? So I got on line. My computer balked. I tried to reason with it. It rolled onto its back & died.


And me too sick to want to haggle with tech support and no cell phone to do that with in any case. So count me out of the loop folks.

Then got back on line (at work) this morning to find sad, shocking news about my Christmas Card buddy, a long time friend. Will explain later, assuming I get my computer back to running. My head is reeling.


  1. theres a blessing in all of that, your body is still holding you up and dementia hasnt set in, and with that thought do you have your health proxy and etc. for the time you cant do it. I love you, its just I and ma are handling dad whom is not doing well so i'm now dealing with what youve gone through already, but have you thought about you?

  2. You are such a great person Doris. No, I didn't go through what you're going through. My father was packed off to New York by his dutiful older daughter. I still feel guilty about it. You, on the other hand are in for the full show, front row, center seat. You ARE a great person.
    As for me... based on my parental units, I should be OK until I am between 78 - 89. Before then I will sold my house and moved into assisted living where me and my toy rottweiler 'Cuddles' will bide our time, suck down loads of oatmeal and knit a sweater or two.

    As for the assisted living - I PROMISE I will move into one.

    Love You, have no clue why you love me. Honestly, I'm AWFUL. : O