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Friday, September 12, 2008

Amnity... Fair Oaks Horror and Other Events

What Godawful HORRORS kept me away from my blog, lo, these couple of weeks?

Current, National Crime-Against-Nature: Sara 'Legs' Mini-McCaine; 'she who makes wolf cubs cry'*

*click above to see why the cubs cry

1. Got my hair touched up (i.e., braided, crocheted, whatever). Am loving my hair now for the first time in decades. At work today someone said, 'Oh your hair is so adorable!' I prefer to think the comment was sincere & uninfluenced by alcohol or illicit drugs.

2. Spent an entire weekend disassembling & dragging my chest of drawers into the living room; it was desperately in need of an overhauling. As usual with my carpentry projects, several trips were necessary to Home Depot. Suspect I'm the sort of customer known to H.D as 'bread and butter'. Nothing too expensive this time, just nails, little drill bit thingmabos and such. Am LOVING the results of the dresser overhaul; once again can experience the joy of opening a drawer without it careening to the floor.

3. Last weekend friend Barbara was here for a visit. She went to Napa for lunch with her sister Suzi, then on to see her father in Fairfield. Then she was here for the weekend. I visited her father on Labor Day while on my way back from hair 'braiding' appt. in Suisun City. First time ever that Hans did not recognize me - very sad. He was very agitated and cranky in general. But, as it turns out he was very ill. His kidneys were shutting down and a few days later he wound up in the ER. Amazingly enough, they balanced his meds and such, and now he's OK again. Barb saw him and he was still a bit confused - at least she thinks he was, hard to tell.

Barb and I had a nice visit. Spent loads of time yakking; hey - it's what we do. She's back teaching again at a new school. I had to laugh, she, just like me, gets behind on stuff. On Sunday morning after stuffing our faces with fresh waffles n' blueberries, we chattered while she worked on two months worth of bills and stuff she brought from home. Don't you hate when you have to do that sort of thing? the old bills, not the waffles, the waffles were heavenly...

And now for the macabre...

4. I survived living in the house of the Amnityville Fair Oaks Horror!

Forty-third fly down on the right - "Help Heeeeeeelp meeeeeeeee!"

They came from HELL... out of nowhere - one day after work, I came home and they were just THERE... hanging around the living room window. I suspected Rum-kitty may have dragged in a deceased 'play toy', but I could find nothing, and there were no mysterious odors anywhere in the house, i.e., in corners, behind furniture, etc.

Barb was, 'ahem...' lucky enough to observe the tail end of the invasion. As a former insectologist she ID'd the flies; no ordinary house flies, but cattle spooking, carcass chewing, horrifying - BOT FLIES from HELL! She divined some wayward rodent died in my attic, causing a hatch of Bot fly maggots - in the deceased rodent - after which post maggoty, newly transformed Bot flies entered my house through the ventilation system. UGH!

Feel free to gag here a bit.

The EV-IL flies drove me dingy for a week but they're all dead now. No funeral. No condolences. Send flowers if you are so inclined.

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  1. Thanks Barbie, nothing like having an insectologist around, cool.