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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

More on the Year of the Rabbit

It has occurred to me that I’ve had a fair amount of luck this past month. First, I won an abalone necklace with a $1 dollar raffle ticket at this year's Honored Elder's Day. The Necklace is HUMONGOUS, and I can't decide if it is beautiful or only 'amazing'.

The California Indian made necklace is has two different looks - the one above shows off the lightning bolt shaped mother-of-pearl pieces, the other below, showing the reverse side of the Red Abalone shells. Click on both sides to see bead work details.

The cell phone is there for scale as it is about the same size each of the abalone carvings. So - Cool fashion accessory or oversized shields of amazement, your call!

Then, at the weekly Farmer's Market, I found an unused, Running Press, blank Women's Journal for a measly $2 (compliments to the Friends of the Downtown Library Book Sale). I've used Running Press journals to record vacations since a benefactor gifted me with one many moons ago. Am totally stoked over the nearly free hardcover journal.

Then I found the wine barrel planters of my dreams in Napa for only $10 bucks per cabernet saturated *pop*. Not to mention a windfall of truly awesome stuff from Barbara and Suzi (thanks again you two!).

But that's not all folks! Next, again at the Farmer's Market I spun a prize wheel, winning a free ticket to the California State Fair next month.

Finally, at Ms Anna's brother's wedding on Saturday I ended up with one of the centerpieces that I had my eyes because I fell in love with the beautiful 'ashes of roses' tinted flowers. Am loving the clear, rectangular glass vase (see at the top)- *happy sigh*. Thanks again to the Masayon's!

Lucky Rabbit Year Spoils

Ok, I'm thinking maybe it's time to buy a lottery ticket - if my luck holds up I could be birding the shores and forests of Nova Scotia...

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