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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

A Few Leaves From the Family Tree

Unless a discussion on pedigree occurs at Madison Square Garden and at least one of the subjects under discussion is wagging a tail, then there is nothing more boring than burying others under one's own pedigree. So! That said, allow me bore you to tears.

New genealogical finds:

1. U.S. Census, 1930, in Manhattan New York, for my Mother's family. It was so cool seeing familiar names pop up; Hello Aunt Grace & Uncle Calvin!

Charles Carter (45 yrs) Grandpa
Adele Carter (40 yrs) Grandma
Vanessa Carter (15 yrs) <=== I'm guessing this is Aunt Verona Norma Carter (7 yrs) MA!
Calvin Carter (5 yrs) Uncle
Sigroy Carter (3 yrs) Uncle
Grace Carter ( ) Aunt Grace
Brantford Phillips (22) my Grandfather's brother-in-law

There were still two babies still on the way, Uncle Walter and the youngest, my Aunt Arna who was often called 'peanut'.

2. U.S. Census 1920, for Cristobal, the Panama Canal Zone

Being able to find my father's family in Panama no less, was a HUMONGOUS surprise, .

William Miller (50 yrs) Grampa! Gives an estimate for his birth at 1870
Caroline Miller (45 yrs) Grandma!
William J Miller (11 yrs) DADA! The J is for Junior
Herbert L Miller (9 yrs) Uncle Herbert
Edgar I Miller (8 yrs) Uncle Edgar (Philip's twin)
Phillip O Miller (8 yrs) Uncle Philip (Edgar's twin 'natch)
Fred Graub Miller (6 yrs) Uncle Fredrick
Alexandra L Miller (5 yrs) Aunt Louise Cool name like Alexandra & they called her Louise? Dang. Had no idea she was named Alexandra. She was the youngest and only girl.
Miller Brycoe (age 67) Great Grandma Amelia and if I'm right this is the appearance of her long lost last name! Or is it still lost? Since the name is attached to Miller, maybe it is a relative from my Grandfather's mysterious family? GAK! Someone still alive has got to remember who Brycoe Miller is.

3. Last but not least it's a triple header for my matenal Grandfather, Charles Carter. I found:
  • some work discharge papers
  • His U.S. World War II Draft Registration Cards, 1942
  • records of him arriving in New York City on the ship, General George W Goethals from Haiti. And, this all takes place in the time of the 1920 census, in October of that year.

Of course as is common with genealogy research, you 'solve' one mystery and a b'jillion more pop up to take its place. This week's big mysteries:

1. The 1910 census put my paternal Granddad's birthplace as Missouri. WHAT? He was born in Jamaica. I am certain of it because an old pass port of my father's had scribbled notes in the back that give a date and Kansas as the location for Grandfather's naturalization. It even lists the judge who presided over the event. If he'd been born in Missouri he wouldn't have needed naturalization (unless he'd previously given up U.S. Citizenship - I doubt that.

2. Is Brycoe the correct spelling? If true, it's easier to research a unique name than a common name. Is Brycoe Granny's last name? I'm hopin my grandfather's military papers, which I have already sent for, will explain.

3. Continuing mystery. Is Edward Archer Cordle really my maternal Great Grandfather? If so, is he also the father of my Grandmother's brother Cuthbert? I think may well be. But - if that's so, then are John C. Cordle and Mary Elizabeth Nunes truly Grandpa Cordle's parents? If he is my grandfather, the records on line revealed his parents are in fact, John and Mary. If that is true, then I have roots in Virginia. GAK! Was not expecting that. I wonder if someone has photos of them? That's the first generation that could have had their photos taken. So Charles Carter worked on ships sometimes as did my father? Apparently so!

Here is my family tree, another pair of possible maternal Great Great Grands included.

Ooops, I jumped the gun again. The birth dates for the presumed parents of Edward Archer Cordle have them being born prior to their son's birth. Oops. I'll have to prune them from the family tree.


  1. My own herstory detective. this is great ma could be helpful, but dad had surgery and she's helping out down here in brooklyn, and juan just got a new computer

  2. How's Allen doing? What was the surgery for? Juan got a computer? HE'S IN THIS CENTURY! HURRAH! *now Claire sits back to wait for her brother to jump in on line, read this and whoop her arse*

  3. Yes, Juan has a computer and as creative as men seem to be, led me to believe he has read your blog and commented. i've boosted to the family about your tree.Years ago dad had, had dual hip surgery thus calcium deposit buildup, aswell as deterioration of cartlige(sp) and continuous embibing(if ya now wha i mean?)

  4. ...led me to believe he has read your blog and commented.

    HAHAHAHA! Oh p-l-e-a-s-e! If he did comment, he was commenting on someone else's blog. : D

    By the way, I just got back from the VACATION FROM HELL. Probably won't post until this coming weekend.

    Years ago dad had, had dual hip surgery thus calcium deposit buildup, as well as deterioration of cartlige(sp) and continuous embibing(if ya now wha i mean?)

    Aw... Poor Allen! Hope all the problems are resolved. My joints can totally sympathize. Some days it feels like my ankles are full of pebbles.

  5. my cousin leslie on dad's side recently had to operate on her knee. again no cartilage. only 45, she hurt her knee as a child and well u no wha hap'n