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Thursday, March 20, 2008

More Kerfluffle at Barb's

Barbara and Oscar

Managed to squeeze in a couple of short visits with Barbara. She was supposed to meet me in Monterey but the near-do-well she'd given her two old mares to called up to report one had an accident with barbed wire. Long story short, Barbara spent a couple of days dealing with vet bills and getting the mares transported back to her house.

I got to see and visit with James whose birthday it was. He drove down to visit with his brother Eric. Not long after I left, both boys were out from under Barbara's wing, leaving her and Oscar on their own again.

Eggs from Barbara's chickens - yum!


  1. innercity doris06 April, 2008 03:10

    You are something else. Adding the few wisps of feathers with a strand of straw.My minds eye. feathery baby chicks par boiled and eatan from the shell a delicacy in some country.thanks to cable i travel.


    I actually made a point to put the feathers in there and to arrange them 'just so'. I LOVE those danged eggs. I need to post a photo of the farmy eggs compared to the store-bought eggs. Makes you wanna stop eating store eggs all together.

    No baby chicks in the eggs, though they might just be fertile. Chick embryos... at last - something I WON'T eat! : D

  3. We eat liguid eggs from a carton.

  4. How do the chickens manage to pass cartons? ; )

  5. ...she says jokingly, not knowing the disppear i live. craving a good ol eggs benedict with holindaise sause (excuse sp mistakes)with CANADIAN BACON