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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Mini Mini-break in the Wine Country

The Friendly Arches in Grass Valley don't come with Fries

I took yesterday off because of my achy knee - I can walk without the crutch now, but it aches and I want to lay off it for a bit. Friday night my friend Barbara drove up from Monterrey (Castroville, otherwise known as Prunetucky for its uh... 'quaint' & sometimes toothless inhabitants).

Haven't had Barb up in ages! On Saturday we drove to Grass Valley to visit Fran for a luncheon date. To our surprise - and delight - Mark was around. Most times he's busy putting in long hours at the Nevada City Winery where he's the little old winemaker (OK, not so old, and not so little, and yes - I am bragging about knowing a gen-u-wine wine maker). Anyway, we invited Mark along and we had a great afternoon of it. Barb and I were supposed to be the benefactors of the meal, but Mark sprang for the check at Tofanelli's and we 'ladies' got to feel genteel, cared for and all that good junk - thanks again Mark!
After lunch we decided a walk down the main drag couldn't do us or our waistlines any harm. I love roaming Grass Valley and/or Nevada City with Fran and Mark, between Fran being a 3rd grade teacher there, and Mark working at the Nevada City Winery, they seem to meet people and kids they know wherever we wander. Apparently that's what living in a small town is all about.
Window Shopping

Didn't get much walking in before I made an Imperial Decision, that dessert was going to be necessary, so we hit the Truffle Shop. Um.... lovely, truffly treats, all delish and most about 100 proof. I a Black Tulip Truffle bitter chocolate and Remy Martin Cognac. *hick*

Hum... maybe there was too much liquor in the truffles - you think?

We ended the day at the Nevada City Winery. I had meant to taste and purchase some wine but by then my knee was achy and I took a pass on the Zinfandel. And speaking of Zin, there was a wee bit of a din next door at the Miner's Foundry which was holding a wee Robert Burrrrrrns celebration. Bagpipes and kilts filled the air - that is there was bagpipe music in the air, not kilts, though the latter would have been just fine with me.

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