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Friday, December 07, 2007

Treat for me!

When I came home last night there was a basket arrangement of edible flowers waiting for me on the doorstep! The 'flowers' were cantelope & honeydew melon, grapes, pineapple and strawberries, all in a bright blue & silver basket. The flavorful blossums made my house smell all fruity & sweet! The edible bouquet was a present from, Doris, my niece in Brooklyn and her little boys; WilliamAllen and Marion . You know I love the West Coast, but the tragedy of it is not being on the East Coast to see my Great-nephews and nieces grow up.

Need I even bother to say that I have wolfed down enough fruit to feed a huge flock of Flying Fox Bats - uh... they're fruitivores, don't 'cha know. I thought about Doris and the last time I saw her which was when I was still living exiled in Riverside County. Hopefully I'll meet her boys before they get to high school.

Special note - before I went to bed I took the basket apart so I could get it into the fridge. The fruit was skewered on plastic sticks, which I assumed were stuck into a styrofoam frog or some such thing. Turns out the basket contained an entire head of iceberg lettuce wrapped in kale! In the picture above you can actually see the dark green kale at the base of the arrangement. So unless you count the plastic skewers and bucket, the entire bouquet can be eaten. Doris did her Internet homework, as the company that made the bouquet is based here in Sacramento. It was great getting a treat healthy enough that I could stuff myself without feeling guilty about it. Is my niece Doris thoughtful or what?

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  1. Gee thanks. It's taken a very long time for me to show my love from a far. I've thought about video recordings of I and the children, but that never made it. I thought about hand made jewelry, but your craftsmanship out shines mine. I thought about email, but sometimes ones budget doesnt allow consistancy.
    The Edible,Co., called me to ask for permission to leave your arrangement on your porch becuz you were not at home. Nor did you respond to any of their attempts by phone. So I was concerned about creatures. After all, here in Brooklyn NY we have raccoons, rats, hawks, falcons and lately I believe (not sure) an eagle. So I ask her "what about creatures, she lives with a good amount of folliage"? She says to me,creatures? what creatures?