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Thursday, July 05, 2007

Management Interupts the Seemingly Never-ending Vacation Raving for an Late Breaking Something-or-the-Other...

This afternoon, broad daylight mind you, I looked out my office window. A bird, which I assumed a White-throated Swift zipped by. It was... peculiar, so I had a second look. Yikes! That was no bird, it was a bat! A nice fat little fluttering bat.

That was a sad thing to see on a hot Sacramento afternoon. Poor little flutterbys - they get overheated and sometimes leave of their roosts. Don't know if they're after water or just a breath of fresh air really but I do know when it gets hot the poor bats sometimes fall, dehydrated, from their little daytime hidey holes.

Last year during a city heat spell I, and others with eyes open, found dead and dying bats on sidewalks. One of my coworkers, Allison, found a bat and turned it over to a wildlife rescue organization. We all hoped the little critter lived to be released back into wilds of downtown Sacramento; toughest of habitats I tell you!

We need our bats, each and every last one of them. I have a soft heart for native bats and snakes which are rather the underdogs out there. Takes one to know one.

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