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Tuesday, June 05, 2007


Even as I carry on about my Minnesota trip, the Genographic Project is hard at work sorting out my genetic alphabet soup.

A. They received my kit (tube containing my cheeky cheek cells) & sorted it into batches.
B. They have busted open the cells of my sample (all the better to see what in deh soup).

Next up: DNA analysis and quality control

Oooo can hardly wait! Will update as National Geographic dives into the annals of the History of 'moi'
. no ego trip going on here. right...


  1. Hi! Claire-Bear.Bklyn,NY

  2. DORIS! You're the mystery poster! GAK! I thought it was someone else because I didn't think you HAVE met Diego! You know that boy asked for you for months after that one afternoon's visit so long ago.

    LOVE YOU DORIS! (Ok, Claire, so how come you don't write, you don't call....?)